Yantra is a geometric figure inscribed in a metallic plate or paper. It helps the convergence of the powers of the concerned God. Yantras are placed at the place of worship at home or offices and are supplemented with the chanting of Mantras.

A Yantra is believed to make the environment purified where they are placed. It helps converging the pure and positive vibes near them. Yantras are effective and enhance the power of Mantras.

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Following are a few commonly used Yantras –

Kuber Yantra

Kuber,the lord of wealth according to Hindu Mythology and thus, Kuber Yantra is a powerfulyantra that bring prosperity and luxury. kuber-yantra-jpastro

If regular and special prayers are offered to this Yantra then the concerned house remains protected from monetary deficiencies. If the yantra is prepared in Bhoj Patra and energized by Ashtaang Pujan (Prayers involving eight specified materials), and after these it is wrapped in a red cloth piece and placed where money is kept, then the person will never be stung by the financial hiccups.To stabilize the Goddess of wealth (Maa Laxmi), you should regularly chant the following Kuber Mantra:
“Aum Kuberaaya Namah”

Shree Laxmi Yantra

Just like Lord Kuber, Goddess Laxmi is regarded as the goddess of money. In today’s time of materialistic world, we all face monetary shortage. shree-laxmi-yantra-jpastroThere are several occasions when money arrives but we are unable to save it and sometimes we are not able to earn more to effectuate savings.

If you start praying to the Laxmi yantra and reading “Kanak Dhaara Stotra” in front of this yantra then you will definitely have monetary gains. The Laxmi Yantra should either be made from the combination of eight metals or it can also be engraved on Bhoj Patra and sanctified with prayers on “Bhaum Ashtami”.

Baglamukhi Yantra

The Bagla Mukhi Yantra can be made from the combination of eight metals (ashtadhaatu) or it can also be designed on Bhoj Patra with Black Turmeric Ink (Kaali Haldi ki Syaahi).

Offering regular prayers to this yantra and keeping it in sacred place of the house helps in getting rid from the tensions due to enemies, removal of hindrances in work, success in court cases, success in regaining respect and reputation, victory in arguments, and prevailing over adversaries.

Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra is considered as prime yantra and it is also one of the most powerful of all the yantras. Shree Yantra is also related to Goddess Laxmi. By keeping this Yantra at the sacred place in house and offering prayers regularly, one can achieve wealth, prosperity, healthy life, mental peace, and wisdom.

In the Hindu Mythology, it is said that, by offering prayer to this Yantra one gets similar effects of visiting an sanctimonious and energized religious place (teerth sthaan). Indian astrologers and Hindu priests can be seen advising people to keep this yantra with them because of its self-active powers. Offering prayers before Shree Yantra also helps in the retrieval of blocked wealth. It is suggested to offer prayers in the form of “Shree Sookta” before the Shree Yantra.

Mahamritunjay Yantra

Keeping Maha Mrityunjay Yantra in house keeps the house disease free. The Mahamrityunjay yantra can also be made in Bhoj Patra and kept in silver locket.

Wearing this locket protects the wearer from diseases, short life, accidents, and any other ailments.

Navgrah Yantra

This is a generic kind of yantra and it is effective when the planets are not in favorable position in one’s life. You can keep this “Navgraha Yantra” in your house for achieving overall wellness.

You can also offer prayers to this Yantra for 21 days and then you can immerse it in flowing stream (river) after making 7 rounds of this Yantra over your head. You will surely get favorable results after this.

Hanuman Yantra

If Hanuman yantra is energized and kept in the scared place in house or is worn in some form of locket (taaweez) then it protects from supernatural entities or some ill-feelings of others (nazar dosh) etc.

It should be specifically worn by children as it protects them.

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