Following the Hindu Mythology, our Shastras states that not only planets and stars impact our present and future, but the gemstones also influcence our lives upto a certain extent. Thus, wearing the right gemstone that controls our planet can accentuates or heightens the positive effect of our ruling planet. Wearing a right and genuine gemstone can not only increase the positive effects of the planets, but it reduces the negative impacts of planets that hinder your life somewhere. However, if you wear a wrong gemstone or a duplicate one then it can really impact your life negatively.

Thus, it is very important that you wear a genuine and a real gemstone based on your ruling planet. One must consult a professional astrologer who may be capable of finding one. Acharya Jai Prakash Ojha Ji has been practicing astrology from almost a decade. He has suggested gemstones based on his calculations and transformed lives of many. There are a lot of things which are considered before identifying the correct stone, as not taking enough precautions can cause negative and undesirable effects on a person.

Acharya Ji recommends the right stones matching your planets and also tell you positive effects and how will they impact various fields of your life. He also suggests the right time and date to wear them and where you can get the genuine stones or if desired by you, Acharya Ji can also get you a right gemstone.

There are different varieties of gemstones available, but Acharya Ji suggest you have one which fits your budget and life requirements. For maximising the affects

Before we deliver stones, we do the required purification puja’s for the stone so the benefits that you derive from wearing them are maximised.

Following are commonly worn Gemstones –


Ruby is for the SUN. It is generally used by administrators to recoup drained energy. If SUN is your lagnesh, then wearing RUBY will help you derive self confidence, name and fame. The stone is blood red in color and is available in three different varieties.


Moti is for the MOON. It is worn to have larger control on one’s anger. The stone is pearl white in color.


Monga is for MARS. It boosts the positive energy and is most useful where the individual is suffering from lack of energy.


Emerald is for MERCURY. It is worn by people who need better understanding. People dealing with public relations, or pursuing marketing as a career will benefit the most from wearing this stone. Emerald is green in color and is available in three varieties. Ormax is the substitute stone for emrald.


Pukhraj is for JUPITER. The stone heightens the beneficial effectes of Jupiter. The stone is worn for happiness in life, women should wear it to improve their personal and married lives and also for the well being and prosperity of their children. Pukhraj is available in YELLOW, WHITE and PINK colors. Sunela is a substitute for PUKHRAJ.


Opal stone is for VENUS. It is a substitute for diamond and is considered to give faster results than its substitute. American Diamonds is the substitute for Uppal.


Neelam is for SATURN. Neelam is worn to derive optimal results from Saturn. It is blue in color. Neela is the substitute for Neelam.


Gomed is for RAHU. This stone is worn to counter the ill effects of RAHU. The stone is available in Red, Salani Yellow and Black colors.


Lasunia is for KETU. This stone is worn to counter the ill effects of KETU. Lasunia is available in Light Brown and Sky Blue color.

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