Horoscope Matching

Horoscope Matching

Horoscope matching is one of the most important ingredient of Vedic Astrology. It is normally done to find out the compatibility between prospective grooms and wives. Marriage is really important relationship and a matter of huge consideration since it is a begining of a new phase of life of not only boy and girl, but two families.

In Horoscope Matching there are 8 characters (Guna), having a total weightage of 36, which are analyzed carefully for a suitable match. Score over 50 % (score of 18 or more on the scale of 36) shows that the marriage will be full of happiness. The 8 characteristics, including their weightage, are as following.

Characters ( Guna) Numeric Weightag
Varna 1
Vashya 2
Tara Din (Luck) 3
Yoni (Physical satisfaction) 4
Graha Maitree (Mutual understanding) 5
Gana (Nature and character) 6
Bhrikoot (Family understanding) 7
Nadi (Health, Age, Prosperity) 8

Horoscope Matching also considers the role of dasha and planetary motions. There are various doshas (gliteches) like Manglik dosa, Vaidhavya Dosa, Paatki Dosha, Kul Hantaa dosha which need to be analyzed for blissful married life.

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