What is Pujan?

Pujan is simply chanting of Vedic Mantras by tradional vedic pandits. Puja or Pujan is most important aspect of Vedic Science. Pujan is performed by disciplined acharyas to counteract the negative karma and create positive karma for our future. In other words, Pujan is done to avoid mis-fortune and get good luck by chanting mantras of respected Deity in a disciplined manner.

By Chanting the Mantras or performing Pujan, it is said that a communication link is setup between us and appease gods so that one can make his wish come true. Pujan is really effective and give the desired results only if it is done in a proper manner by the Vedic rituals.

Acharya Jai Prakash Ojha is a Vedic Acharya who has perfromed various Pujan at various occasions and in specific Muhuraths. Acharya Ji has experience of around a decade and he is well versed with the different Pujans that can be perfromed with proper rituals. With Pujan, one can purify the enviornemnt around and gather positive vibes that give peace of mind and soul.

You can contact Acharya Jai Praksh Ojha Ji to perfrom Pujas like Planetary Pujas, Birthday Pujas, Daily Pujas and Special Intention Pujas.

You may contact Acharya Ji for following Pujan –

Wanglamukhi Puja

Wanglamukhi puja is for self defence, destruction of enemies, avoidance of court cases and long term disputes and economic well being.

Maha Mritunjay

Maha Mrityunjay puja is to avoid all types of worries, to get rid of any and all types of illness, family disputes, general well being of the family and longevity.

Dus Mahadevi Puja

Dus Mahadevi Puja is for the various deities for special benefits in the areas wealth, knowledge, success, career, son and wife.

Putra Anushthan, Gopal Shreshthan, Hari vansh puran katha

This Anushthan is for getting a son, which is considered auspicious and essential for the extention of your family tree.

Gayatri Anusthan

Gayatri Anushthan is for getting peace of mind and acquiring knowledge, family happiness, addition to family etc.

Nav Graha shanti Anushthan

Nav Graha Shanti Anushthan is for the peace of the nine planets, depending upon the specific planetary positions. A planet which is placed in an in auspicious house may require energy infusion through this puja.

Vishesh Shastra Anushthan

Vishesh Shastra Anushthan Puja is for special events, vedic mantras etc. which are recommended by acharyas. These can be done by a person himself/herself for their benefit.

Rudra Abhishek

Special Shanti Puja’s to be undertaken as per your natal horoscope and the prevalent dasha

Vedic Mantra Anusthan

Special mantra chanting as per the advice of the acharya. These can be done by a person himself/herself for their benefits.

Vishesh Rahu Shanti, Mangal Abhishek, Shanti Yagna

These are special remedies for crucial items impacting one’s life. Some issues which are covered by these are “Shani Sade Satti”, “Dhaiya”, “Rahu Shanti” etc.

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